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Pokhara is a place of remarkable natural beauty. The serenity of Phewa Lake and the magnificence of the fishtailed summit of Machhapuchhre (6,977 m) rising behind it create an ambience of peace and magic. At an elevation lower than Kathmandu, it has a much more tropical feel to it, a fact well appreciated by the beautiful diversity of flowers which prosper in its environs. Indeed, the valley surrounding Pokhara is home to thick forests, gushing rivers, emerald lakes, and of course, the world famous views of the Himalaya.

Things to do in Pokhara

Moter Biking Exploring the valley on a mobike is truly an adventure packed with thrill and excitement. You can meet the locals and venture into all the places in the Valley. Your requirement, thus, is a good bike and a very good map.

Mountain Flight Mountain flight is ideal for those who've limited time and cannot afford to go for trekking. Mountain flight offers spectacular views of the Himalaya. There are various flight carriers that operate mountain flight during October-May.

Boating Pokhara's Phewa Lake is the most popular destination for travelers wanting to indulge in recreational boating. It is the second largest lake in the Kingdom and measures roughly 1.5 by 4 km. Its eastern shore, also known as Lakeside or Baidam, is the center of tourist activity in Pokhara. Begnas and Rupa Tal are located 15 km out of Pokhara at the end of a road that turns off the Kathmandu highway. Both these lakes offer some splendid boating opportunities. Renting a boat for a couple of hours and heading out to the middle or the other side of the lake bordering the forested hill, and taking a swim, can be the highlight of a warm day. The water is cleaner out far from the buffalo and washing on the edge. Boats can also be had for the whole day, or on an hourly basis. You can either row around yourself or hire a boatman, the former being definitely a better option.
At Phewa, tourists have a choice of pedal-driven boats, rowboats and sailboats. There is also a choice between fiber body sailboats and wooden ones.
The best time for boating is in the winter months between October and February, when the skies are clear and the mountains cast their shadows on the lake's tranquil waters.

Ultralight Aircraft The choice of the Pokhara Valley for ultra-light aircraft is appropriate chiefly because of the proximity of the mountains, and the scenic lakes. For those who wished they could fly like birds when growing up, this flight is a must. Leave your woes behind on earth, soar to heights, bathe in the clouds, reach out for the mountains and kiss the azure sky as you fly across it. It might be lonely at the top, but the spectacular view from up high certainly makes it all worth it. The company operates flights from the Pokhara airport beginning September through June. The flights take place from sunrise to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to sunset every day during these months. Ultra-lights can take off and land in a field or on a dirt road, and in areas where other planes fear to tread. The aircraft seats two, a passenger and the pilot. It can fly for hours and ascend the altitude of 5000 meters. Its aerodynamic quality allows it to perform long flight even with the engine shut off. It is flown by pilots with over 6,000 flights to his or her credit.
Fishing Those who wish to stay by the lake can even try his/her luck for the biggest catch. You can hire fishing rods from the shops in the lakeside.

Golfing Golfing is a newly introduced concept in Pokhara. There are two world class golf courses in Pokhara.
Pony Riding Pony riding is a major tourist attraction in this town. There are operators organizing these rides in the valley and the surrounding hills.

Rafting Several operators in Pokhara offer rafting trips along major rivers in the vicinity of the valley. The most popular rafting trip is along Trishuli River, which flows along the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway. Similarly, this adventure can be enjoyed at Kali Gandaki River.

Short Hikes Though Pokhara is a perfect relaxation point for the trekkers, some individuals still yearn to explore Pokhara beyond that. The sightseeing tour will take about 3-4 hours but you can extend the hours by having an extended visit to some places around Pokhara Valley in terms of a simple visit or a short hike.

Mountain Biking Mountain biking is recommended if you wish to explore urban centers of Nepal as well as countryside in the outskirts. Imagine, if you will, a ride through lush green rice fields, through hamlets, up and down the hillside, along the river bank, around temples, past the streetroaming cattle, along the suspension bridge, along the highway. Mountain bikes are available for rent by the day or longer in many of the bicycle rental outlets in and around the city. If you wish to be enlightened about the culture, rhythm of village life, cool spots to visit, guided trips should be undertaken.

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