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Nepal is one of the top ten destinations in the world that one should visit in life time. It encompasses 8848 m high world highest peak, Mount Everest to the low land of terai. Nepal is the land of Medieval cities where time stands still where temples and cultural diversity is large and preserved. Because of the variations in the landscapes it has got vast biodiversity and is the home of 848 different species of birds and 550 mammals reptiles and with exotic flora and faun. One can experience freezing temperature of -40 degree in mountain to melting humid of tarai up to 42 degree. Nepal is a paradise for bird watcher and home of unique one horned rhino and the royal Bengal Tiger.

Tour Packages in Nepal

2 Nights/3 Days Kathmandu Duration: 3 days View Details
3 Nights 4 Days Ktm- Nagarkot Duration: 4 days View Details
4 Nights/5 Days Ktm-Dhulikhel Duration: 5 days View Details
5 Nights/6 Days Ktm Pokhara Duration: 6 days View Details
5 Nights/6 Days Ktm-Chitwan Duration: 6 days View Details
7 Nights/8 Days Ktm-Pkh-Chitwan Duration: 8 days View Details
9 Nights/10 Days Ktm-Cht-Pk-Lmb Duration: 10 days View Details
14 nights/15 Days Nepal Prgm Duration: 15 days View Details