NAMASTE! Welcome to Medieval Tours & Travels

The Medieval Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd is the fully well organized Tour Operator in Nepal. Our aim is introduce Nepal to the world without impacting on the precious ecology of our beloved country. We take pride in providing the best services to each valued guest. We believe that beautiful surroundings alone do not make an unforgettable holiday - a thorough knowledge of the terrain and carefully planned arrangements for your safety and comfort are equally important.

The Medieval Tours & Travel is established by the group of well dedicated explorers and professional people in the field of tourism for many years with intention to provide better service to valued guest to feel Nepal differently as well as other part of the world. We have been organizing for many years such a special tours; Cultural Tour, Adventure Trekking, White Water Rafting, Canoeing, Bungy Jumping, , Jungle Safari, River Rafting, Bird Watching Tour, Scientific Explorations, Historical Tours, Special Study Tours, Rescue Missions, Air/Helicopter Charters etc. We will be delighted to hear from you and honored to design an itinerary for you without any obligation on your part.

The Medieval Tours & Travel gives you access to one of the world's highest mountains and the holy places and centuries old traditions of a unique region of the world. Our knowledge of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim etc contributes greatly to your safety and pleasure, ensuring that your holiday is memorable in the best way possible.

Members of the Medieval Tours & Travels have very good relation with hotels, airlines and other local agents. Have experience working with people from different part of the world and learned to value the interest and satisfaction of the clients as well as experience working with diplomats and corporate houses.

Therefore we are confident that we can make you experience Nepal differently.