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A river journey in an exotic country like Nepal makes traveler's journey unique and unforgettable. This recreational activity gives visitors extra ordinary way of discovery it's civilization, rural areas, cultural, flora and fauna by floating on rubber boat on the river and coming into contact with village people the conventional traveler hardly ever get to meet.
Trisuli River
Sun Koshi River
Seti River
Bhotekoshi River and so on

River rafting, also known as White Water Rafting, is an adventure sport that challenges one’s ability to row against the current of rivers. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the passengers riding on an inflatable rubber raft. It became popular as a sport during the mid 1970s and is now the third most popular adventure sport in Nepal; after mountaineering and trekking. The Sun Koshi river (The Golden River) presents the longest river trip in Nepal, traversing 270 km (170 mi) and meandering its way through the picturesque Mahabharata range of mountains. The river rafting trip in the Sun Koshi is listed as one of the world’s top ten classic river journeys. Other rivers where this adventure sport is a popular tourist attraction in Nepal are the Kali Gandaki, the Trisuli, the Bhote Koshi, the Marsyangdi and the Karnali.

A classic multi-day River trip (9 days) with around 40 rapids of grade 2-5 (Rivers are graded on a scale from one to six based on rapids and difficulties in rafting through the river) is recommended for advanced Rafters and Kayakers.

Major River Raftings of Nepal






Sunkoshi River

Eastern Nepal

270 km

9 days


Bhotekoshi River

Central Nepal

20 km

2 days

4/4 ++

Trishuli River

Central Nepal

38 km

1 / 2 days


Marshyangdi River

Western Nepal

47 km

4 days


Seti River

Western Nepal

35 km

2 days


Kaligandaki River

Western Nepal

70 km

5 days

3/4 ++

Karnali River

Mid Western Nepal

180 km

10 days