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Tibet, “Roof of the World and The Third Pole of the Globe” is incredibly beautiful & lush green place, located at the average altitude of 4000m. High peaks, vibrant panorama, Monasteries are heavenly features of Tibet. It is also the traditional center of Tibetan Buddhism,a distinctive form of Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhism. The central religious figure of Tibetan Buddhism is the Dalai Lama

Tibet Autonomous Region is located at the Southwest part of China, with a land area of 1.22 million square kilometers and a population of 2.3 million. The characteristics of the Plateau climate are the great difference of different heights and of days and nights. The northern part is arid and cold. Tibet claims a low temperature, long-day sunshine, strong radiation, rare rainfall and thin air.

The pastoral area of Tibet is one of the five biggest in China, in which sheep, goat and yak are grazed. Farming crops are mainly highland barley, wheat, bean and rape seeds as well as some apples and walnuts. Tibet has forest coverage of 60,000 square kilometers, which is the second largest timber deposit in China. Lhasa (means holy land of Buddha's land in Tibetan), being the capital city, with 1,300 years of history. This is the political religious economical and cultural centre of Tibet.

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