Nepal, A very interesting geography as it is a relatively small country which lies in between the respectively larger countries of India and the Tibetan Autonomous region of China. Nepal is land locked country, as it shares three quarters of its borders with India (south, east and west) and the remaining northern border by arid Tibetan plateau, China.

Nepal, is the most desirable destination to visit in the world. Where, The geography is very mountainous and as such, it is host to the Himalayas in the north of the country which contains Mount Everest (8,848m.); the highest mountain in the world. The majority of the other Himalayan peaks exceed more than 8,000 meters in height. The most famous of these mountains include Kanchenjunga (8,598 meters) and Dhaulagiri (8,137 meters) and many more...

The geography of the Southern part which contains excellent fertile and beautiful landscapes with vast biodiversity and is the home of 848 different species of birds and 550 mammals reptiles and with exotic flora and fauna. It is host to marshes, forests and wildlife such as world’s unique One Horn Rhino, Crocodiles, Bengal Tiger and so on. Due to the diverse land geography within these zones, the weather and climatic conditions are clearly very different.

Nepal is unusual, unique and exotic where the world travelers found it absorbing, mystical and captivating. So much has been said, written and read but a visit to our exotic destinations still remain a personal experience that will last a lifetime. Its ancient cultures, deep-rooted traditions, absorbing history, natural beauty, wondrous architecture, awe-inspiring palaces and forts add new dimensions to the pleasures of travel and vacation with exquisite sculptures and carvings are considered work of art and masterpieces.

Tour Packages in Nepal

2 Nights/3 Days Kathmandu Duration: 3 days View Details
3 Nights 4 Days Ktm- Nagarkot Duration: 4 days View Details
4 Nights/5 Days Ktm-Dhulikhel Duration: 5 days View Details
5 Nights/6 Days Ktm Pokhara Duration: 6 days View Details
5 Nights/6 Days Ktm-Chitwan Duration: 6 days View Details
7 Nights/8 Days Ktm-Pkh-Chitwan Duration: 8 days View Details
9 Nights/10 Days Ktm-Cht-Pk-Lmb Duration: 10 days View Details
14 nights/15 Days Nepal Prgm Duration: 15 days View Details

Trekking Packages in Annapurna

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Duration: 19 Days View Details
Annapurna Circuit Trek Duration: 18 days View Details
Jomsom Muktinath Trek Duration: 15 Days View Details
Royal Trek Duration: 8 days View Details

Trekking Packages in Everest

Gokyo Lake Trek Duration: 16 Days View Details
Arun Valley Trek Duration: 24 days View Details
Everest Base Camp via Jiri Duration: 21 Days View Details